Our quality assurance department and quality control department develop an integrated system, from manufacturing to shipment, to ensure supply of products with stable quality. In addition, we collect and utilize information to make sure our quality requirements. These are fully met with the aim of becoming "SENQCIA of Quality" to give our customers peace of mind.

1.Quality Assurance System

SENQCIA has acquired ISO 9001 certification for quality and created a quality assurance system based on this. The Quality Assurance Department is developing an integrated system to ensure supply of products with stable quality from manufacturing to shipment. The Department also gathers information and utilizes enhancing product quality to meet customers’ needs.

ISO 9001 EMS
Registered certification body Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Certificate number JQA-QM3791
Organization SENQCIA CORPORATION Kanto Works
Scope of Registration The design / development and manufacture of Raised floor Systems.
The manufacture of Structural products.
Registration date October 1, 1999
Last renewal Date August 28, 2021
Date of revision July 29, 2022
Expiry date August 27, 2024

2.Specific activities.

TQM activities

At Kanto Works, we regard TQM (Total Quality Management) activities as an extremely important part of becoming “SENQCIA of Quality”.

Through "problem awareness" of individuals and "active behavior" of encouraging others to become aware of these problems, we expect everyone to raise their awareness of problems and to improve their skills. All employees participate in this activity at our manufacturing and administrative sites. Every year, we build a sustainable development cycle by forming teams for each theme and presenting improvement initiatives.

Gleaning meetings

Once a year, we hold a “gleaning meeting” where we identify experiences from our failures with the aim of preventing future recurrences or similar accidents. We take a hard look back at any quality problems that caused inconvenience to customers. We exhaustively investigate what could have been done, what was lacking, and then discuss how to prevent failures.

Sharing information to improve quality

At Kanto Works, the ISO9001-based quality management system determines the content of our quality-related education. Such education and training are provided for all levels of employees.

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