The strength to support our city.
SENQCIA’s technology and quality support the comfortable, safe and secure city.

We create unique, high-value-added products based on our technologies and know-how accumulated over many years.
We expand the business such as Raised Floor Systems to support the information infrastructure industry, Structural Products and Dampers to constitute safe and secure buildings, and Seismic Reinforcement to prolong buildings’ lifetime.

SENQCIA’s products contribute to safe and secure life as important parts of building structures used in underground foundations, within steel frames or under floorings, although those cannot be directly seen after completion.


Outstanding product development in this industry

We have launched a variety of industry-first products. Our commitment to solving customers’ problems sometimes lead us to come up with innovative ideas that defy industry norms. We then commercialize these ideas with a high level quality assurance, including performance verification through demonstration tests and certification by third-party organizations. As a pioneer that will continue to make industry-leading products, we aim to create novel items that open new fields and business domains.

Contributing to customer satisfaction by providing sales and installation services

SENQCIA provides sales and installation services in Raised Floor Systems, Seismic Reinforcement, Structural Products. We strive to improve customer satisfaction by providing stable quality installation with the help of certified installer who have extensive experience in the installation of our products. In addition, the direct opinions of our customers, which can only be heard at installation sites, and the challenges specific to installation sites, provide hints for future product development. Our know-how obtained on site has led to the development of high-value-added products.

Contributing to safety and comfort in daily life

SENQCIA’s construction systems and products improving seismic resistance, enhancing comfort and saving energy contribute to safety and comfort in the lives of many people.
We will continue to develop and provide highly reliable products, with the aim of not only solving problems in the construction industry through manufacturing, but also helping to enrich the lives of our many stakeholders by reducing the environmental burden and improving safety and comfort in daily life.

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