We have been a pioneer in Raised Floor Systems in Japan since the 1960s, developing products using advanced technology. We continually propose new floor systems, such as base-isolated foundation systems for earthquakes and room air conditioning utilizing the under floor space.

Raised Floor Systems

Product Categories

Office Floor System

Office Floor Systems

High workability and flexiblity in floor layout, and wiring capacity that can accommodate large number of wires. We also aim for a good feeling of footsteps, high safety and ecology.

Data Center Floor Systems

Data Center Floor Systems

This product is a floor system for data centers and server rooms etc., which has a larger amount of wiring and cables to be contained under floor with air conditionings. We can construct systems with excellent antistatic performance and/or quake-resistance, in response to your needs.

Clean Room Floor System

Clean Room Floor Systems

The integration of semiconductors is increasingly progressing by the use of super clean rooms. The Clean Room Floor System, created through the rich experience and performance of SENQCIA, will respond to the highly developing needs such as super heavy load, supported by its comprehensive technical capabilities.

Why SENQCIA's Raised Floor System is chosen

General manufacturer of Raised Floor System

We offer a comprehensive range of floor systems that meet the needs of various facilities, including office floor systems, data center floor systems, clean room floor systems, seismic isolation floor systems, and underfloor air conditioning systems. Even when multiple types of flooring materials are used in a facility, a single company can make proposals from design to material selection, reducing the effort required for designers to consider materials.

60 years of experience in Raised Floor System business

SENQCIA, former name Hitachi Metals Techno, has more than 60 years of experience in Raised Floor System business in Japan. As a manufacturer trusted by our customers, we not only provide high quality products, but also take responsibility for installation, post-delivery, and maintenance.

Integrated management by SENQCIA, manufacturing, delivery and installation

SENQCIA’s partnership subcontractors install raised floors under our management and supervisions . We manage the entire raised floor construction process from design to installation that helps to improve total construction quality and shorten the construction period.

Wide variety of Floor System enhances the value of buildings

Our Floor System solves various kinds of issues and needs, including server rack mounting systems that enable post-installation layout changes, energy-saving underfloor air conditioning floor systems for office use, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by wood-core panels for office use. We propose products that increase the long-term value forbuildings from the customer's point of view. Our goal is customers’ satisfactions by t consulting about anything related to Raised Floor System.


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