Seismic Reinforcement

Seismic Reinforcement

The traditional methods for earthquake resistance reinforcement of factories and warehouses not only have unavoidable effects on production activities but also involve high costs and long construction periods. For this reason, this reinforcement has not become very widespread.

Our “SMART FIT System” implements technology which is the industry’s first, enabling construction to be carried out in a shorter time than traditional methods without the need to stop operations at factories and warehouses while the construction is underway. Total cost and space requirements are also reduced.

Our “SMART ATTACH System” is a method for reinforcing angle braces without any welding required, and it can also be used in spaces where fire and open flames are strictly prohibited. Through the development of new construction techniques, we continue to pursue new possibilities for steel construction seismic reinforcement.

Why SENQCIA’s Seismic Reinforcement is chosen

Innovative and unique construction systems as a building materials manufacturer

We offer four innovative new construction systems (SMART FIT System, SMART ATTACH System, SMART WIXIS System, and SMART CRONUS System) as a building materials manufacturer. Stable quality is achieved through established design systems, standardized installation systems, and thorough quality control.

Non-welding system

Seismic Reinforcement systems provided by SENQCIA feature non-welded joints. On-site welding work is no longer required, which limits the risk of fire, minimizes the extent of curing, and eliminates the need for qualified personnel, making it possible to handle buildings where seismic retrofitting has not implemented in the past.

One-stop service from designing support to installation

SENQCIA provides a comprehensive one-stop service, including seismic assessment and investigation, reinforcement design, and reinforcement work.

Contributing to ensuring safety and improving the life cycle of buildings and social infrastructure.

Seismic Reinforcement contributes to a safe and secure environment and social infrastructure. It also offers environmental benefits such as reducing industrial waste and maintenance cost. We will continue to develop technologies and promote products for reusing and extending the life of buildings.

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