Aiming to be a company that takes on the challenge of supporting social infrastructure with innovative solutions

Representative Director and President Executive Officer
 Nobuyasu Kasahara

By continually pursuing uniqueness and providing superb products and services, we have made steady progress toward achieving our corporate ideal, contributing to the development of enriched society,

Our greatest strength is our ability to create products and services that embody the needs of the market. With our technical capabilities based on experience and knowledge, we deliver safety and security to society through high value-added products that resolves earthquake and environmental measures. We have released a wide range of flagship products such as our Raised Floor Systems, HIBASE Systems, HI-RING Systems, and vibration Dampers, continually refining these systems to achieve the optimum quality and suitability for their usage purposes.

We also offer new products, Seismic Reinforcement Systems for factories, warehouses, and railroad stations. These systems minimize the impact on our customers' businesses by utilizing our unique technologies and construction methods.

We will continue to enhance our product development ability and fulfill your needs. We have established a rigid quality management framework and are contributing to society by maintaining these standards. In addition, each employee will strive to realize our SDGs Vision in order to create a sustainable society. All our employees are working together as one to create new value, helping SENQCIA to become the kind of company that is indispensable to society, ensuring the support of our stakeholders for many years.

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