Raised Floor Systems

Raised Floor Systems

We have been a pioneer in free-access flooring since the 1960s, developing products using advanced technology.We continually propose new floor systems, and continue to strive to form comfortable room environments, responding to diverse needs for raised floors, such as base-isolated foundation systems for earthquakes and room air conditioning utilizing the under floor space.

Office Floor Systems

Data Center Floor Systems

Clean Room Floor Systems

Structural Products

Structural Products

In the architectural field, where reliability of performance and simplicity of construction are required, we have commercialized our exposed-type braced column base solution HIBASE Method since 1972, building a stable track record over the years.
We are also engaged in R&D exploring new possibilities for building constructional components, such as the HIRING Method of reinforcing through-holes in steel beams, and the market introduction of seismic vibration dampers to reduce building sway.

Column and Beam Products

Reinforcement System of Steel Beam with Through Hole
Through-diaphragm for column-to-beam connection system


SENQCIA offers two vibration dampers that reduce building sway.
HIBUILDAM is hydraulic vibration damper that uses the fluid resistance of oil to absorb vibration energy, reducing the sway of buildings and making them safer and more pleasant to live in. Xtendam is a steel plate damper that absorbs the load on building columns and beams, reducing the load and suppressing seismic shaking. We check all our products via our thorough inspection system in order to maintain quality and reliability.

Hydraulic vibration damper

Vibration-Control Steel Damper

Seismic Reinforcement

Seismic Reinforcement

The traditional methods for earthquake resistance reinforcement of factories and warehouses not only have unavoidable effects on production activities but also involve high costs and long construction periods. For this reason, this reinforcement has not become very widespread. Our “SMART FIT System” implements technology which is the industry’s first, enabling construction to be carried out in a shorter time than traditional methods without the need to stop operations at factories and warehouses while the construction is underway. Total cost and space requirements are also reduced. Our “SMART ATTACH System” is a method for reinforcing angle braces without any welding required, and it can also be used in spaces where fire and open flames are strictly prohibited. Through the development of new construction techniques, we continue to pursue new possibilities for steel construction seismic reinforcement.

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